Patient No 6

Patient No.6 has created new figure named "Cocoon" as well as a new custom of "I and MGH!".

Patient No 6 Cocoon 1 Patient No 6 Cocoon 2

Cocoon is a 8.5-inch tall resin figure with a wooden halo. It's limited to only 15 pieces and is available to pre-order for $76.00 (free shipping).

Patient No 6 I and MGH

The "I and MGH!" custom measures in at 5.5 inches in height. The resin figure includes a small wooden halo. And it is limited to 15 pieces available to pre-order for $36.00 (free shipping).

Or you can pick up them both (Cocoon + I and MGH!) for a reduced price of $86.00 (free shipping).

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