Walking Dud 1

While the Walking Dud was created by Adam Smith co-owner of True Cast Studio, there have been a number of artists who have had a hand in the figure.

Adam Smith (True Cast Studio) - Original sculpt
Jason Frailey (sculptor) - Ultra violence sculpting
Josh Edwards (True Cast Studio) - Production
Marty Hansen (THEGODBEAST) - Collaboration and promotion

Walking Dud 3

There are 3 different sizes of the “Walking Dud”:

• The 2” mini rubber figure (think M.U.S.C.L.E. figures) - $15.00 each
• The 4” mini articulated rubber figure (4 points of articulation including the head, waist and both arms) - Single Colorway - $35.00 or Fully Painted - $75.00
• The full sized 7” rubber figure (5 points of articulation, the tongue being the 5th point) - Single Colorway - $75.00 or Color Separated Non-Painted - $125.00 or Fully Painted - $150.00

The Walking Dud will make it’s first full debut at 2013 New York Comic Con in the Onell Design Booth #102.

Walking Dud 2

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