Taylored Curiosities Butterpillar 2

According to Penny of Taylored Curiosities:

Butterpillars are the result of my experimentation using Butterfly DNA. On attempting to give them human intelligence I somehow stopped the development to the 'fly' stage of their life. They do develop beautiful wings, but these never grow big enough to carry their weight, therefore never becoming Butterflies; instead staying as Butterpillars.

The hand cast and hand painted resin figures measure just under an inch tall and 1.5" wide. There are vintage cotton wings affixed to the bodies. And each Butterpillar comes inside a vintage glass jar, complete with twine around the top (each jar comes with a lid). The jar measures 3 1/4" tall and is lined with moss. Two hand embroidered, felt leaves accompany each critter.

The Butterpillars come in three colors: Pink, Blue, and Orange. You can pick one up now at the Taylored Curiosities Shop for £20.00 (around $32).

Taylored Curiosities Butterpillar 1

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