With the Kickstarter campaign running until Wednesday October 16th 2013 at 6:01PM ET, we asked creator Clayton Mitchell of Monstermatic for additional details. Oh...and there's the above video demonstrating the app.

At the core of Monstermatic is 3D printing. A process that takes an idea and turns it into a figurine.

3D printing is a growing technology that is becoming more available and accessible, but because it is still relatively new, it is expensive. We've taken that opportunity to create monsters that are both collectible size and affordable.

So how does the 3d process work? There are a few different processes depending on the material being used. We are using the only material that allows full color printing . The process begins with the printer spreading a fine layer of powder on the print-bed. Then print heads, which are very similar to the type found in inkjet printers, drop bits of glue and pigment ink onto this layer, gluing pieces of the powder together. After one layer is finished, another layer of powder is spread out on top. Layer by layer, this continues until the monster is finished. The finished model is dipped into a sealant that dries quickly, brightening and sealing in the color on the model. Lastly, a thin layer of wax is applied to give it a more polished finish. And there you have it, a 3D printed full colored figurine.

At Mico Studio, we're proud to be the first studio to integrate this incredible technology into a mobile game. Allowing users to turn their ideas into realities. We can't wait to see the variety of monsters that are created once this app goes live.

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