Galaxy People Superfestival 1

Brian Bunting of Galaxy People has been making resin works for a few years, but he's recently made the jump to producing soft vinyl toys. The three intergalactic heroes seen here (Meklops, The Grappler, and Helios) are from the Galaxy People universe. They are the classic mini-sofubi size, averaging out around 4.5" tall, and are produced wholly in Japan with Japanese soft vinyl.

Galaxy People Superfestival 2 Galaxy People Superfestival 3 Galaxy People Superfestival 4

While the line will be growing in early 2014 with the release of the first villians, on Sunday September 29th 2013, the third colorway of the heroes will be released at Superfestival 63 (Science Museum Tokyo). They'll be priced at 2500 yen (around $25).

Left-overs from the show, if there are any, will be available at the Galaxy People Web Store.

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