Crying Gull Dobots

Crying Gull Toys has released five new versions from their Dobotz line.

When a starship carrying the sole survivors of a dying race of gelatinous, symbiotic creatures (The Mrool) crash-lands on a planet ruled by a hostile  Cyborg Army,The defenseless alien castaways are forced to fuse with cybernetic elements of their newfound planet, and it’s inhabitants, for their sole survival. Out of the wreckage oozes a new breed of warrior. Half alien, half robot, They are..The Dobotz!

The Dobotz are 2" tall resin figures, with dry brush work, and spray paint coating on certain figures. Each one comes bagged with a header card and a 1" Dobotz pin. You can choose between Black Ops Flat, Black Ops Glossy, Elite Silver, Liberty Green, and Original Batter. Each one sells for $14.00.

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