Mikie Graham Gorillaz 3

Mikie Graham is a HUGE fan of the band Gorillaz. So when he was invited to be a part of Super Cooper's "Music To My Ears" Birthday Art Show at Toy Art Gallery this past weekend, it's not surprising what his custom choice included.

Despite the Gorillaz having numerous figures from both of their previous albums, surprisingly not a single toy rendition of the Gorillaz in their new "Plastic Beach" style has been produced.

Mikie Graham Gorillaz 2

Taking this as his inspiration Mikie hand crafted this group of 4 custom figures representing the Gorillaz in their new modern personas: Captain Murdoc, Masked 2D, Giant Russel, and the Girl with the Butterfly mask (aka Noodle).

This group of 4 custom figures each features its own hand made display base. While Noodle does come with her very own base, she can also stand atop Russle's massive head, tommy gun a-blazing.

As you can see from the comparison picture, Mikie went all out transforming the Kidrobot Gorillaz figures, and in the case of Russel going one step further and crafting Russel's giant noggin completely from scratch using nearly a pound of Magic Sculpt!

Mikie hints that a few more might be making their way onto his website sometime in the near future. So if you're a Gorillaz fan and need a set of these awesome figures to stand next to your Demon Days Gorillaz, you're not out of luck.

Mikie Graham Gorillaz Comparison