MattA JA M13 2

MattA* has created these JA_M13 pieces exclusively for SubUrban Vinyl for his first solo show "Color Blind". They are hand sculpted and cast by Matt.

MattA JA M13 3 MattA JA M13 1

The vision came from his wife Jaimie, with MattA* describing it as "I just wanted a tribute in a way to the beauty I see inside and out, but with a little more endowed hahaha. Then designed in my way and theme to pull two worlds together".

Each piece has a different color GID (Red, Blue, Peach, and Yellow) canister that is held on to the face mask with magnets. They are available now in the SubUrban Vinyl Store to purchase for $250.00 each.

MattA JA M13 4

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