Madball of Death 1

Inspired by AmToys’ classic 80′s gross-out toy line, 50′s sci-fi and a dash of neo-kaiju, the Disarticulators' Madball of Death is a 2″ tall figure that's been designed and sculpted by Zectron, with production duties handed to Tru:Tek. The figure features a lenticular skull/cyclops head, exposed brain, and hollowed out eyes, and two magnetically joined halves that split open to reveal a grotesque tentacled parasite lurking inside.

Madball of Death 2

Cast in a super-bouncy polyurethane rubber, each ball comes packed with a Disarticulator button, plus header art from the collaborative minds of Zectron and Ralph Niese. The general release will take place in August 2013, with various exclusives dropped along the way.

Madball of Death Header

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