Tesselate B5100 OQ 2

On Thursday July 4th 2013 at 9PM UK Time (4PM ET), Tesselate will be releasing a pair of new resin figures: B5100_OQ (with club desk) & D4488. Limited to only one piece each, they'll be available at the Tesselate shop for £70.00 (around $106) and £40.00 (around $60), respectively.

Tesselate B5100 OQ 1 Tesselate B5100 OQ 3


An ever popular gameshow in Okinawa which is aired every night at 23.00 hours is the ‘Open Quality’ hour. On this show, local musicians are each given 20 minutes to put on a performance, and residents all over Japan vote for their favourite act.B5100 won the show with an overwhelming 99.2% of the vote on the show broadcast 12.05.2074. That performance was key in capturing the thought processes of the viewers and went on to thrust the ED-IT DJ crew into the limelight. This colourway is to remember that momentous occasion.

Tesselate D4488 1 Tesselate D4488 3


D4488 is all about security and surveillance when the ED-IT DJ’s are on the road. Working closely alongside his colleague B5600sec1, they are often seen scanning the crowds for any trouble, or checking holographic fire exits for faults. Before joining the ED-IT DJ team, the D4488 units were primarily used as measuring droids on large architectural builds, due to their high level of accuracy and attention to detail. They are totally addicted to chocolate milk, you can see the joy in their eye ports when it’s milk time.

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