Brandi Milne Sugar Lamb 2

3DRetro has announced another of their San Diego Comic Con 2013 releases - Brandi Milne's Sugar Lamb, Go!

"I'm excited to release and finally talk about my vinyl figure with 3D Retro! The second of a two figure series, Lamb Ride, Go! is based on my painting "Carousel Flight; Lamb Face". The thought behind the painting is the possibility of escaping life's seriousness and taking a ride in the sky on your favorite carousel ride from your youth. Forever. I hope the figure can spread some of that nostalgic joy to art fans everywhere."
- Brandi Milne

Produced by 3DRetro, SDCC will be the first time the Sugar Lamb, Go! figure will be available to purchase. Measuring approximately 7" across, the vinyl figure will be limited to 200 pieces and sell for $90.00.

Brandi Milne Sugar Lamb 1

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