Seymour Aspects of Syncretism 1

After working and showing for an extensive period in Europe and the US Seymour is back sculpting, drawing, and creating on Australasian soil. In conjunction with Wellingtons master of pop and lowbrow art, Eyeball Kicks Gallery, Seymour is proud to present his first solo show in New Zealand in over 6 years titled ‘Aspects of Syncretism’.

Seymour Aspects of Syncretism 2

The show is inspired by the eclectic religions, mythology and theology that he was exposed to during his travels home through South East Asia. The aesthetic of the show combines artistic, religious and cultural impressions taken from a set of varied beliefs and traditions.

Working mostly onsite during his journey, the show presents a collection of small daily drawings, a visual progression and documentation summerising the aspects of Syncretism as he experienced them. The show will also include a body of large scale reflective pieces completed in the months after his return. Fans of Seymours vivid, fanciful and dark signature style are sure to love viewing this latest collection first hand and are invited to the opening of ‘Aspects of Syncretism’ at ‘Eyeball Kicks Gallery’ June 28th 2013 at 7PM.

Seymour Aspects of Syncretism 3

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