Mikie Graham Veggie Avenger 3

From the chilly recesses of your refrigerator's crisper drawer a new Super Hero has emerged from the darkness and is standing up for the rights of his uprooted vegetable brotherin. DeadBeet, the Veggie Avenger!!

Pushed too far by the endless food lust of the tyrannical Vegan overlords, this borscht powered bad-ass has dawned a skin tight super suit, slicked back his leafy greens and grabbed his trusty carrot nun-chucks in an attempt to end the reckless destruction of his peaceful people at any cost.

Mikie Graham Veggie Avenger 1

Standing ready for action atop a pop art inspired display base, Mikie Graham's custom DeadBeet comes complete with removable nunchucks featuring a real metal chain, and three interchangeable battle cries that seem to levitate in mid air (thanks to a clear plastic dowel).

Climbing his way out of the fridge Mikie's DeadBeet The Veggie Avenger will make his debut Saturday night (June 15th 2013) at the Toy Art Gallery along with dozens of other incredible customs from a selection of the toy and art world's top artists.

Mikie Graham Veggie Avenger 2

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