Mikie Graham YHWY Custom 1

Mikie Graham will be taking part in the Mark Ryden's YHWH Custom Show taking place at Toy Art Gallery on Saturday May 11th 2013. His piece is named The Pillar Of Forgotten Gods, and Mikie describes the piece below...

Mikie Graham YHWY Custom 2

"Six ancient deities stacked on top of one another,
Names lost to time, stories obscured through history.
All that is known about these long forgotten gods is that
They reigned over the earth long before man.
Worshiped by this planet's original inhabitants and
Held holy above all else."

When starting my custom the one thing that I wanted to change about the YHWH was its one sided nature. All the detail was on the front and the back was plain. So my goal was to make my figure as interesting as possible from any given angle. Resisting my urges to completely transform the figure, I instead tried to keep the shape of the original as much as possible. As you can see in the side by side comparison the only major changes in shape are the middle eye (which I moved to the back) and the ears which are now the top God's wings. The rest is just a light layer of Magic Sculpt to create the textures and features of the individual Gods.

In addition, to help the figure remain viewable from any angle, I built it onto a rotating lazy suzan base so you can easily check out every detail of the piece even when its on display in your collection.

Mikie Graham YHWY Custom 3

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