Dragatomi Play

Today (May 11th 2013) from 6PM to 9PM Dragatomi will be opening "Play" - a Super Fantastic Group Show curated by Julie West. The whole idea behind "Play" was to have artists create a functional piece of art that someone would be able to play with - like blocks, a game, a pull toy, etc.

Included are the works of:

Hedi Kenney • DrilOne • Chris Bishop • Tweedlebop • PePe Hiller • Allison Sommers • Crowded Teeth • 64 Colors • Amy Rupel • Adrianna Bamber • Dro • Lana Crooks • Kali Meadows • Gary Ham • Travis Lampe • Scott Tolleson • Jeremiah Ketner • Tad Carpenter • Jason Limon • Ed Nacional • Big Secret • Dominic Flask • Julie West • Leecifer • Jay222 • Tharp

Play opens on Saturday May 11th and will be on display until June 1st.

2317 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

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