Mikie Graham Mechanized Mad Men 1

Over the past week Mikie Graham has been unveiling (one at a time) the seven custom Android designs that make up "Mechanized Mad Men" - his new blind box series that was released yesterday at Dragatomi.com.

Gathering together artists and innovators from all over the world, Mike hand picked his favorite under-appreciated genius and wacky cult figures in hopes of bringing their unique and inspiring stories to a wider audience.

Each MMM figure includes a customized 3" Android figure that comes powered by its own (removable) Playmobil representation of its creator. In addition, each figure come packaged inside of a custom box with its own wooden display base that will include a mini print telling that character's personal story.

You can pick up your very own MMM custom for $100.00 with free shipping, available exclusively through Dragatomi.com.

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