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Hot Toys put together an interview session with Kevin Feige, President of Production at Marvel Studios, and Stephen Broussard, Executive Producer of Iron Man 3. If you're a fan of the film...or like the toys...check it out:

Hot Toys (HT): We just watched the Iron Man 3 movie. It is so great and our team is so excited seeing so many different versions of the Iron Man suits. With over 40 sets of suits, which is your favorite one so far?

Mr Kevin Feige & Mr Stephen Broussard (K & S): Our design team, led by Ryan Meinerding & Charlie Wen, did such an amazing job that it's hard to pick just one. But we really love "Thumper"(Mark XXV). And it's great to finally see the classic "Silver Centurion" (Mark XXXIII) on the screen.

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Interview Feige Stephen Broussard 1

HT: Today, the Marvel movies are mainly acted by classic superhero characters. Will there be any newly created superhero characters (those haven¹t appeared in any kinds of comics before) in the upcoming Marvel movies? We are highly anticipating the new characters and stories!

K & S: Our colleagues in the publishing division do an amazing job creating new characters and stories (in addition to exploring the classics). We have our hands full developing the established decades and decades of great comic book material into movies. So that's primarily what our focus is on now. But who knows what the future could bring? We're always open to exciting new possibilities.

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HT: Which Marvel comics do you most want to see to be brought onto the big screen?

K & S: We were very excited to finally bring the Avengers (and all the individual characters) to the theater. It was high time that folks like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor got the big screen treatment. Looking ahead we're excited to introduce audiences to Ant Man and The Guardians of The Galaxy in much the same way!

HT: Do you collect any toys or figures? Are you a fan of a particular series or collectible?

K & S: We are HUGE fans of the Hot Toys series. Our offices are lined with these toys. It is really amazing craftsmanship and we couldn't be bigger admirers.

HT: Which is your most anticipated Marvel character to be seen as Collectible Figure?

K & S: All the Hot Toys have been fantastic so far. We're looking forward to finally seeing The Mandarin and the first Captain America costume figure. And the Avengers Hulk looks beyond awesome.

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Interview Feige Stephen Broussard 2

HT: What are your thoughts on Hot Toys¹ Marvel Collectible Figures?

K & S: We love them. We like to joke that half the reason we make these movies is just so we can buy Hot Toys for ourselves because we love them so much.

HT: Do you have any suggestions in terms of Hot Toys products' direction?

K & S: Keep making great Marvel product! Don't be afraid to go back to past movies and make other figures that have never been produced. We'd love to see a Dr. Erskine figure. Or a Howard Stark. Or HYDRA Troopers. Or Tony Stark in his cowboy hat costume! I could go on. We encourage you to go deeper into screen and prop accurate accessories. We love detailed things like Coulson's gun or the cue cards on the back of Cap's shield. Also when will we see the Back to the Future figures? Very excited for those!

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