Hot Toys Custom Firefighter  Ironman 1

Some Iron Man 3 film was recently released, and as a part of the celebration, Hot Toys worked with several artists to create custom Iron Man figures. The event is called Marvel's Iron Man Suit Up at Hysan Place, Powered by Hot Toys, and will run until May 19th 2013.

They're showing off a brand new piece - the “Firefighter Ironman” by celebrated Hong Kong Film Director Derek Kwok Tsz Kin.

His artist project is inspired by his upcoming movie “As the light goes out” 《救火英雄》about firefighters who is not only fighting to save the fire but the lives. It is a rescue robot who has just walked out from a hellish fire and in the end, turns out to be a mixture of machine and zombie. The figure is completely re-colored with firefighting equipment added. Thanks Derek for his valuable time for the Hot Toys’ Artist Project. The firefighter inspired Iron Man is finally complete!

Hot Toys Custom Firefighter  Ironman 2 Hot Toys Custom Firefighter  Ironman 3 Hot Toys Custom Firefighter  Ironman 4

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