ESC-Toy Saturday Release

Today, Saturday May 4th 2013, at 11AM ET the ESC-Toy Shop will be releasing three new limited edition items.

ESC M2 Villainous

The Mermadi 2 Villainous by Erick Scarecrow is a hand painted resin figure that's been signed and numbered by the artist. Limited to only 30 pieces worldwide, it includes one 6" Mermadi figure and one 2.75" splashing water wave in clear resin. Pick one up for $100.00 plus shipping ($8.00 in US)

ESC Soopa Jr Grape

The Clear Grape Mini Soopa Jr figure by Erick Scarecrow is a 4" tall handmade clear resin figure. It can be purchased for $20.00 plus shipping (varies in US).

ESC Papa Sama Swordsman

And the Papa Sama Swordsman print by Erick Scarecrow will be limited to a run of 10 pieces. This giclee print is 11" x 17" and printed with a six color printer to insure vibrancy in artwork. Pick one up for $45.00 plus shipping ($3.00 in US).

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