Strick Mega Munny 1

If you made it out to ToyCon UK, you might have possibly see what I consider to be the greatest Mega Munny custom I have ever seen. Artist Mike Strick has created this creepy and fascinating figure out of a Munny...and it only took him a few months to complete.

Strick Mega Munny 3

When I was kindly invited to exhibit at the first ever ToyCon UK, I felt it deserved something special. I had recently enjoyed sculpting skin textures for some mask projects and thought that it might be interesting to apply the same techniques to a vinyl custom. My plan was to make a Mega Munny look like a real creature - what if the Munny design was based on actual humanoid beings; what might they look like? I hoped the result would be eye catching and a little unsettling.

Strick Mega Munny 4

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