Creo Giant Embryo 1

Chris Alexander of Creo Design has sent us final images of his Cowababa - Baby Mutant Ninja Turtle Giant Embryo custom that will do on display at ToyCon UK this coming weekend. It will be priced at £800 (around $1,220). Here's how the piece is described:

Based on the Giant Embryo figure i hand sculpted and cast for Taylored Curiosities, i created Cowababa - Baby Mutant Ninja Turtle. As mentioned in my previous post of the WIP images, i have chosen to go for Michelangelo, orange, for the headband. This custom has been fully sculpted by myself using a mix of resin and epoxy putty. Using Montana Gold spray cans and airbrushing Montana Acrylic paint, i en-devoured to give the custom a high quality paint finish, with a range of deep tones and skin pigmentation. The main body has a matte finish whilst the shell has a lovely gloss effect. It also weighs a whopping 3.5kg this is 1 fat baby turtle!

Creo Giant Embryo 3 Creo Giant Embryo 2

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