Patient 6 Gagarin 2

April 12, 1961. For the first time man went into space! It was something great and incredible - it was the beginning of a new era. It was the pioneer Yuri Gagarin! Everybody associate this person with a smiling face in the space suit. But why are all agreed that he was happy while flying into the unknown abyss? Who saw his face? My sick mind transformed this into something different! In my opinion, his face wasn't pleased and happy at all to fly in the unfinished rocket to unknown place. I think it's not funny. Well, now you have the opportunity to leave a piece of this great event for yourself.

The Big Gagarin In Rocket is available to order from Patient No. 6. The 9-inch tall resin collectible is limited to 10 pieces per each colorway (red and black). You can order one for $86.00 (includes free shipping).

Patient 6 Gagarin 1

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