Two guys that have been in love with toys their entire lives wanted to make an awesome toy. So they did. The toy is a post apocalyptic vinyl USB named PapaBehr. It took 200 hours to design, build, and finish a prototype of PapaBehr. Now their mission is to mass produce PapaBehr and to share their creation with the world!

It's currently funded (past their $20,000 goal) on Kickstarter until 1:30PMET on May 8th 2013. There are various rewards that incude a DIY PapaBehr (8GB or 16GB), a painted PapaBehr (8GB or 16GB), prints, t-shirts and many others. There are also stretch goals that allow for more rewards to be unlocked.

Check out their Kickstarter page and like PapaBehr on Facebook to enter in the contest giveaways.