Mikie Graham Mr Sparkle 1

Mikie Graham has released a new edition of his Mr. Sparkle custom Qee that you might remember from SDCC last year. The Mr. Sparkle Monster Kolor Edition is limited to a run of only 6 custom pieces. It can be purchased via the above link for $250.00.

Mikie Graham Mr Sparkle 2

Here's what Mikie has to say about this custom series:

"It has been nearly two and a half years since I debuted my Mr. Sparkle Qee custom at Toy2r's 2010 Dcon booth and since that date I have received dozens of e-mail requests to re-make the design... including one from the creator of Mr. Sparkle himself, Mr. Donick Cary!

To answer the demand I have decided to release a edition of 6 new Mr. Sparkle customs through my website. This round of customs has three notable improvements from the first incarnation.

#1: most importantly, these Mr. Sparkle customs boasts a new uber shiny coat of Monster Kolor paint.

#2: Mr Sparkle's head is now removable from his body!

#3: customized packaging.

These 6 customs have taken me far too long to complete and I think this project has driven me a little mad in the process - but I can honestly say that this is the best batch of Mr. Sparkles that I have ever produced, the Monster Kolor paint makes this figure POP just the way I always wanted it to!

Mikie Graham Mr Sparkle 3

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