T+CP – Chris Ryniak’s Pickled Ginger

Pink Pickled Ginger 1

Circus Posterus x Tomenosuke have announced the newest Ginger sofubi variant from artist Chris Ryniak. Pickled Ginger might just be my favorite piece from the T+CP collaborations.

The colors this time around feature an opaque spray of pink paint on translucent vinyl with carefully painted details. You can see this pretty little lass’ pearly white chompers in that lovely little grimace! The details and character with this version really pop – but don’t tell her that because she doesn’t take compliments well.

The Pickled Ginger will be an edition of 120 pieces, and they will be divided equally between Tomenosuke (international customers) and Stranger Factory (North American customers). When it's released, look for it to retail for $89.00.

Pink Pickled Ginger 2

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