CRose Radcliffe Mk2

Cris Rose will be releasing the first of his new Maintenance Sprogs Mk2s in a classic copper colorway today (Wednesday February 27th 2013) at 6PM London Time (1PM ET) via his store - These are an edition of 5 pieces of each (Radcliffe, Renold, and Rigel) and will retail for $65.00.

CRose Renold Mk2

3 years ago, the first Sprogs were released to the world. Renold, Rigel and Radcliffe were a bunch of little maintenance bots with cheeky personalities and a dumpy persuasion. At the end of last year, they were discontinued - here are their replacements!

Still retaining much of the charm and character of their Mk1 guises, Mk2 sees a major upgrade in robustness and power. Majorly chunky, these boys can lift heavier, twist harder and grab more accurately with their upgraded limbs and are 60% bigger, overall. The resin also sports new articulation at the neck and crown on the front.

CRose Rigel Mk2

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