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What might be only a barrier to some folks might be a work of art to others. I'm talking about toy packaging. Some people keep their collectibles mint in box...others tear that stuff up and toss it to the garbage man. But sometimes the packaging, or the art on the packaging, is just as impressive as the toy inside...

Sideshow GIJoe Hawk

5. G.I. Joe - General Hawk (Sideshow Collectibles)
Sideshow's G.I. Joe and Star Wars lines have really been two of the most consistent high quality packaging over the past four or five years. Their design has really become the new norm for sixth scale figures. Why choose Joe over Vader? The G.I. Joe packaging harkens back to that 1980's look.

NTF Sundae Girls I Want Candy

4. Sundae Girls - I Want Candy (Necessaries Toy Foundation)
NTF never takes packaging design lightly. And while the I Want Candy box is very simple - just an illustration of Fawn Gehweiler's character - it gives you a great reference point of what the toy should look like...and it's just well-done art.

Go Hero The Shadow

3. The Shadow (Go Hero)
If you're going to create a sixth-scale figure based on a character originated in the 1930's, you might as well go retro. And Go Hero gives you a box that might pass for something from the 1950's. Just put it in some moth balls, and you'd think you were getting a classic toy.

Hot Toys Batman 1989

2. Batman - 1989 Version (Hot Toys)
Hot Toys is known for their sculpting and painting of sixth-scale figures. But they're also right up there with their packaging design...specifically, the interior. Everything is so securely packaged in foam and plastic (no twist ties!) that you know you'll never get a damaged piece. Oh...and the Michael Keaton Batman included a removable Bat Signal as part of its packaging.

Lunartik in a Cup of Tea Series 2

1. Lunartik in a Cup of Tea Mini Series 2 (Matt JOnes)

Matt JOnes has had a good run in our Best Packaging category over the years. Mini Series 1 won the award for 2010. And, in 2011, the regular version placed in 3rd place. Well, the game has been upped by packaging the little cup of tea in a blind-box take away cup. Ingenious!

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