PAPAs Blind Box

It seems like the blind box craze sort of slowed down in 2012. We didn't review nearly the amount as previous years. And some series that were previously released blind-boxed have recently gone to the open front model. Nonetheless, here are five of our favorite blind box series of 2012...

Dudebox The Big Bang

5. The Big Bang (Dudebox)
Dudebox released a trio of blind-box lines, with artists using Dudebox's three different mini figure platforms. The standout in this lineup is probably from Attaboy (since we don't see nearly enough of his work on toys).

Kidrobot Bots

4. 'Bots (Kidrobot)
Those Kidrobot figures the company released over the years were shrunken down (in some cases, changed up a little) and  repackaged as a blind-box series.

Dudebox Super Amazing

3. Super Amazing Spectacular Collection (Dudebox)
This series is very similar to The Big Bang. It uses the same platform figures, but changes up on a few of the artists.

apzombsingle 2

2. Action Portable Zomb (3A Toys)
This is one of those blind-box toys I splurged for. I mean...they're 1/12th scale zombies from Ashley Wood. While I pulled one of the regular Zombs, there were 10 different colors and designs in this "blind shipped" series.

Lunartik in a Cup

1. Lunartik in a Cup of Tea Mini Series 2 (Matt JOnes)

For a second time, the Lunartik in a Cup of Tea Mini Series wins the award for the Best Blind Box Series. Back in 2010, the original series pulled off the win. But Matt JOnes has actually improved on that series with great new designs and better packaging.