Tesselate 2 Light Crew 1

A couple of new bots will hit the Tesselate shop this coming Thursday, February 7th 2013, at 4PM ET. Known as the 2 Light Crew, these 6" tall resin figures will be limited to one piece each. You can pick them up for £60.00 each (around $95).

Tesselate 2 Light Crew 2 Tesselate 2 Light Crew 3

The Fiction:

When performing, the ED-IT DJ's have a very strong team around them. Formed of primarily colleagues from the factory days, they have an eclectic mix of skills and will always work their hardest.

At the core of the visually intense, atmospheric and personal shows that the ED-IT DJ's put on, the B56002LC (2 Light Crew) brothers are often seen fiddling around behind a flashing panel of intensity.

Specialists in light engineering and tertiary reverse segmention, their outer casings are carved directly from an experimental hyper fluorescent engagement material. This specialist component has wireless fibre links to the soundboard which causes them to pulsate and glow in time to the music. It's a sight to be seen.

Tesselate 2 Light Crew 4 Tesselate 2 Light Crew 5

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