Mikie Graham Temptation Hug 3

On Saturday December 15th 2012, Blamo Toys celebrated the opening of their 4th Annual Custom Show at the Toy Art Gallery. The platform for this year's show was Blamo's Hug Resin figure.

Blamo Toys collaborator (and one of the show's curators), Mikie Graham has revealed his entry for the show - a custom scene he is calling "The Temptation of Hug". Mikie went a little crazy on this piece, creating a brand new 6" scale Hug figure from scratch...complete with 4 points of articulation in the arms. Levitating over mega Hug's shoulders (thanks to clear plastic rods) sit 2 of Blamo's mini Hug figures transformed into the devil and angel perched on each shoulder.

This and all of the other customs will be on display at the Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles until December 30th 2012. Also, all of the unsold customs from the show will be available online beginning today.

Mikie Graham Temptation Hug 2

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