Argonaut Sam Fout Bone Ghost Agents 1

The last wave of Sam Fout's Bone Ghost Agents drops tomorrow (Tuesday December 18th 2012) at 10:00PM ET over at the Argonaut Resins shop. The Bone Ghost Agent stands in at 5.5" in height and includes a clear tint martini glass plus a regular handgun, handgun with a silencer or the all new never released machine gun.

Argonaut Sam Fout Bone Ghost Agents 2

Each piece has been signed by Sam Fout and includes a custom Agent art print and custom box with the Agency logo on top. The Bone Ghost Agents will be available for $85.00 for the solid colors and $100.00 for the clear tint variants (plus shipping and handling).

Agent P = pink
Agent Q = orange
Agent R = Infrared Variant (red clear)
Agent S = grey
Agent T = purple
Agent U = Hologram Variant (blue clear)
Agent V = peach
Agent W = blue
Agent X = Jade Idol Variant
Agent Y = black
Agent Z = Blue Jade Variant

Argonaut Sam Fout Bone Ghost Agents 3

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