ZAP TAG Mikie Graham

Last year, toy artist Mikie Graham customized 65 Playmobil figures into a mini horde of the living dead he called the "Zombie Art Project". This year Z.A.P. is back with a completely new onslaught of total zombie madness. 30 customized Playmobil scenes that comprise Mikie's very first solo show "The Return of the Zombie Art Project". Mikie hints that there will be a fun assortment of affordable single zombies, some more intricate midsize playsets, a GIANT 3ft x 3ft diorama, and some other MEGA surprises."

If you're in Los Angeles for the Thanksgiving weekend, make sure to stop by Toy Art Gallery from 7:00PM to 10:00PM on Saturday November 24th 2012 to meet Mikie and see the insane creations in the flesh. If you would like to RSVP, the Facebook event invitation can be found HERE.

ZAP Zombies

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