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AJ's Toy Boarders takes the classic Green Army Men concept and swaps out soldiers for skateboarders. Sold in those supermarket style carded plastic bags, twenty-four figures are loaded into each Toy Boarders bag. Series 2 adds eight new sculpts featuring different skateboarders and their special moves.

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The Facts

The Original AJ's Toy Boarders
Series: Series 2
Manufacturer: Alfa-Row Inc.
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: Around 2” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: 8 designs (Backside Boardslide, Bomber, Filmer, Front Lipslide, Girl Cruising, Switch, Tailgrab, 50/50)
Pricing: $4.99 per pack of 24

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Each package of Toy Boarders includes 24 figures, meaning that you get 3 of each design inside of a clear plastic bag. The header card features The Toy Boarders logo on the front, with silhouettes and names of the designs on the back.

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Our Opinion

I always like to compare the Toy Boarders figures to little Green Army Men. It's not only only because they're close to the same shade of green. They're also of a very similar quality. You get the occasional poor mold pull (there was one figure whose skateboard was missing its center) or the completely distorted face.

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But you have to remember that a pack of 24 Toy Boarders runs you $4.99. That ends up being a little less than 21 cents per figure. That's cheaper than a lot of those junky capsule toys you get out of vending machines. Can you complain about poor plastic pulls if you're spending less than a quarter per toy? You could...but I won't.

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There are plans to release other AJ's Toy Boarders' series, including Snow, Surf and BMX. I would have liked to have seen one of these series released before a Series 2 of the Skateboarders. In reality, there's only so many skateboarding poses that can be done without replicating them. But since they're called Toy “Boarders”, it makes sense that they build up that skateboarding line.

In summation: They're durable. They're cheap. And you can pick up two dozen of them for less than a Happy Meal.

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You can purchase these at the following: $4.99 a set

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