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You might remember that the company Boombotix was previously named SkullyBoom. But the Boombot design actually started as the Mini Skully from Urban Warfare. There were even several series of vinyl toys released. The company was sold, but, luckily, the figure design lent itself perfectly to becoming a mobile speaker. And the Boombot was born.

The updated Boombot2 features wireless Bluetooth connectivity (Boombot1 is strictly a wired speaker), is USB rechargeable (quoted 8 hour runtime), and completely portable. Each one includes a USB cable for charging and a 3-foot long extendable audio cable in case you don't have Bluetooth.

The Boombot2 is currently available in eight different designs, including two Artist Series and four Limited Edition designs. For this review, we're taking a look at the Camouflage Boombot2.

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The Facts

Boombot2 Camouflage
Series: Boombot2
Manufacturer: Boombotix
Material: Plastic casing
Dimensions: 3.6” wide by 3.8” tall
Points of Articulation: One (Clip on the back)
Accessories: USB Cable; 3-foot extendable audio cable
Edition Size: Limited Edition
Pricing: $79.99

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The plastic pane window-front packaging shows off the design that you purchased. It's a fairly minimalist design, which makes sense since you won't want to keep this piece mint-in-box. The speaker and all accessories are packaged securely, so there will be no issues with shipping damage.

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Our Opinion

While most of the designer toy marketplace consists of displayable art pieces, there are several examples of “functional toys”. Speakers and USB flash drives appear to rule that landscape. But just how good can something that's partially marketed as an art toy be at producing a solid sound?

Actually, I was surprised at just how good the Boombot2 sounds. You can really crank the volume up (buttons on the top), and it sounds clear at any level. You even get good bass from the speaker when you're rocking out to Bananarama or whatever the kids are listening to nowadays.

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I've used this mostly in my office at work, by setting it up to link with my iPad via Bluetooth. (You lose about 10% maximum volume by opting with Bluetooth over wired, although I haven't noticed a difference.) Bluetooth is one of the new features that differentiates the original Boombot from the Boombot2. The middle button on the top lets you toggle to get to Bluetooth mode (different modes equal different colors). And there's still the option to plug in the included audio cable to the back panel.

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As far as the overall look and feel of the Camouflage Boombot2, it's a very solid piece. In your hand, it just feels like a high quality portable speaker. You wouldn't be scared to clip it on to your book bag (or on your belt as you practice you b-boy moves), because it's well-constructed. And with more artists signing on to lend their work to the platform (SKET is the most recent), they're really combining art with functionality.

You can purchase one at the following: $79.99

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