Thursday November 29th 2012

Tesselate ED IT DJs 1

3:00PM ET

ED-IT DJ’s B5100 and B5100 Red Head
Tesselate Shop
5 pieces of each
B5100 - £70.00 plus shipping (around $112)
B5100 Red Head - £20.00 plus shipping (around $32)

ThreeA Ma K Krote

9:00PM ET

ThreeA x Ma.K Krote Pre-Order


Friday November 30th 2012

Plaseebo Gnaw Misfit 2

Bob Conge's MISFITS Series
One-of-a-Kind Piece

Saturday December 1st 2012

Super7 Gonz Priest

3:00PM ET
The Priest by Mark Gonzales
$75.00 each

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