HUSTLE Artist Series WIP

After a tremendous response to their “Recruitment Drive” last month, The H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series 1 has been announced. Featuring 15 artists in the first series, they'll be offering up a variety of original figures, bootlegs and kit-bashes based on the legendary 80’s M.U.S.C.L.E line. And there might be a hint of MOTU thrown in there for good measure...

The series will debut with exclusive Vs. preview sets from Peter Kato, Rampage Toys and Manny X, each coming with a companion figure from series creator, Tru:Tek. These will be going on sale throughout December/January in the build up to the main release.

The official release will feature 12 different designs (plus a super-rare chase from Tru:Tek) that will be blind boxed in an authentic gatcha-style capsule with insert. For the series, 6 of each design will be cast in a M.U.S.C.L.E style flesh tone rubber, with just 3 thermal colur changing chases (making a total of 75 in the first wave). These will be going on sale in the Man-E-Toys store (plus an as-yet revealed shop/gallery at the end of January) for $15.00 each.

HUSTLE Artist Series Flyer

Confirmed Artists:

Peter Kato (preview 2pack)
Manny X (preview 2pack)
Rampage Toys (preview and general release)
Nama Niku
Adam Pratt
Josh Marlar
Jeff Beck (Menace Inc)
Tom Cameron (Blackgard)
Hungry Imp
Killer Bootlegs
UME Toys
Taylored Curiosities

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