Tesselate ED IT DJs 1

Tesselate has announced a pair of releases that will take place on Thursday November 29th 2012 at 3:00PM ET.

Tesselate ED IT DJs 2 Tesselate ED IT DJs 3

ED-IT DJ’s are a progression of characters created back in 1999 during Sam's final year of a Product Design degree. The B5100 is a limited edition of 5 pieces in this colorway. Each 6.6" tall figure is hand cast in resin, painted and finished by the artist, and will come with a well used underground club desk and two miniature ‘Accex’ sound creating devices. It will run £70.00 plus shipping (around $112).

Tesselate ED IT DJs 4

Also, there will be a limited edition run of 5 B5100 ‘Red Head’ resins going up at the same time for £20.00 plus shipping (around $32).

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