AR Tuttz Holiday Hunt

Yesterday, Eric Nocella Diaz over at Argonaut Resins posted up the following

Starting tonight all the way to Dec. 25th Holiday Hunt will begin! There will be Tuttz Mini's, Pharaoh Hounds and Sucio mice resins dropping at any day or any hour in the online store HERE! Some resins will be blind boxed and some will even be announced online via the Argonaut Resins Twitter account.

There will also be a few duplicates of specific items and the occasional surprise and just maybe even a - GOLDEN TICKET! If you get the GOLDEN TICKET in your order you will win a FREE blind boxed resin. If you win - you have to contact me via Twitter and I will tell you how to redeem your FREE prize.

I have a lot of resins cast up and ready to go - so happy hunting and good luck! Here's a teaser of some of the first Tuttz Mini's on the way to the online store...

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