Mega Fire Cat 1

One of Joe Ledbetter's original, beloved and most sought after characters is back and about to wreck havoc. Seven years since it's debut back in 2005, Fire-Cat has returned with a vengeance and he's bigger and badder than ever.

The 4-foot tall fiberglass Mega Fire-Cat will be released by The Loyal Subjects sometime over the next 30 days. For more info, or to take one of them home, contact They'll also be available through Toykio, 3D Retro, and Bait.

Four versions will be available:

Original Red Fire-Cat - 7 pieces
Ice-Cat - 4 pieces
Mono-Cat - 5 pieces
Lava-Cat - 3 pieces

Prices range from $5,500 to $6,000.

Mega Fire Cat 2

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