Mikie Graham Brain 1

This year at San Diego Comic Con Mikie Graham released an edition of 10 mini Jumping Brain customs based on the 80's anti drug add campaign "This Is Your Brain On Drugs". All 10 sold out at the Con, so due to the great response, Mikie has decided to create one more batch of 15 brains for everyone who couldn't make it down to San Diego.

Of these 15 brains, 5 pieces will be going to NYCC and will be available for sale at the Designer Toy Awards. The remaining 10 Eggs have just been put onto Mikie's web store and are now available HERE for $45.00 each.

A quick recap of the figure itself:

Playing with the shape of Emilio Garcia's mini Jumping Brain, Mikie used clear resin and a little hand painted detail to make the vinyl figures resemble a miniature sunny-side up egg. Finishing off the scale illusion, Mikie found tiny cast iron frying pans that perfectly fit his fried eggs!  Each egg comes compete with customized packaging- a black cardboard box with removable photo print mounted to its lid. Both the figure and the print come hand signed and numbered.

Mikie Graham Brain 2

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