Lunartik Tea Series 2

Matt JOnes has released all of the details surrounding his Lunartik in a Cup of Tea Mini Series 2. The series is made up of 17 Mini Teas: 12 Fresh Flavours, 4 Special Brews and 1 Super Rare Collectors Tea. Each 2.5” tall figure includes a Tea Bag booklet, Collectors Card and Tea Token...all packed into one of the new Take-away Cups.

Look for these to be released around September 12th 2012 (currently available for pre-order) for £6.99 each.

**One thing I like about this series is the number of painted designs. The first series didn't have many of them...but I'm definitely digging the Bubble Teas and some of the other decorated cups**

Lunartik Tea 12 Flavors Lunartik Tea Special Brews

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