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Cris Rose is back at it, with the new Reclamation Drones - vinyl Androids with brand new heads and Sprog-style collars. All of the articulation has been retained, including the heads, which are interchangeable. At first, there will be two styles of Reclaimation Drones: the classic 2-eyed "Recycle" head and the long-lens "Overseer" head.

As far as release details, there will be a number of blind box series available exclusively at Dragatomi, as well as several one-offs that are sold open. The first Blind Series will be available soon and is limited to just 10 pieces...with price to be determined.

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When recycling became globally mandated, many felt that it had come to soon. The general population hadn't taken to it as second nature and there was concern that it would be difficult to enforce without some sort of central assistance. A program was suggested to tackle this, a type of cheap, simple, efficient robot that would manage collection, coercion and return of waste materials in a variety of environments.

The cheapest solution was a repurposing of one of the early Sprog technology test platforms, the extremely basic mule nicknamed "Android". Practically bin-shaped already and only just about humanoid, the moniker was somewhat cheeky when considered, but popular.

The most commonly seen version was dubbed "Recycle", as that was the only word it could utter as it skuttered along behind people at the mall. Given sad little eyes that were intended to guilt-trip shoppers into feeding it their rubbish, they would often fall over and roll around depositing trash in a circle until someone was kind enough to up-right them again.

The lesser spotted, but always watching "Overseer", was silent but keen. Outfitted with an extreme telefocal lens and deployed in national parks, on beaches and in the countryside, these guys could spot a nanobar wrapper at over a mile and report anyone littering before it had hit the ground. Unpopular by those caught and fined, the fear of the Overseers lead many to think twice and pop that juice box back in their rucksack.

Being nothing but a glorified bin on legs, there were few problems encountered. The only common one being a sort of whirring-choking noise on insertion of an Apple.

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