Tosco vinyl

Redd Robot and designer Yahid Rodriguez are looking to raise funds to produce a new 9-inch tall platform art toy. The Tosco Alpha Series features designs by creator Yahid Rodriguez (Alpha), Sket One (Half Pint), Mimic (Melvin), and Bytedust (Run). There will be five other designs revealed throughout the project.

Tosco Alpha by Yahid Rodriguez Tosco Sket

They are using Indiegogo to help raise $40,000 for production. This is a Flexible Funding campaign, so they will receive all of the funds contributed by Wednesday October 3rd 2012 at 11:59PM PT. There are plenty of perks available for your support (the above figures for $50.00 each and a DIY version for $25.00). Each figure is limited to 300 pieces.

Tosco Melvin by Mimic Tosco Run by Bytedust

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