Argo KOA mini

Argonaut Resins will be releasing a all new shrunk down version of the mysterious Demi-God Skulls based on the 10 King rulers of the island of Atlantis. These new mini Kings Of Atlantis skulls feature the same design as the original larger King skulls that were released and sold out a while back.

"Ten Demi-God Kings ruled the fabled island of Atlantis thousands of years ago. They all perished when their paradise was destroyed by the Gods. All that remain are their skulls...each endowed with an incredible power that is passed onto whomever has the skull in their possession. They say too much power is not a good thing...are you willing to take a chance and find out if this is true...?"

There will be the usual multiple colors including solids, metallics, and clear tints with a few hidden (chase glow in the dark) skulls in each wave. There will be 4 waves of 25 pieces "BLIND BOXED!" with the first wave dropping next week sometime.

The last wave of mini skulls may show up at the upcoming New York Comic con if the production schedule permits.

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