Critters Wave 2 1

In association with Bigmantoys and art toy blog Man-E-Toys, the Amazing Zectron aka Plastic Soul is proud to present the second wave of Critters inspired mini figures (1.5" tall). This latest batch of figures will be coming in two distinct flavors: an authentic keshi-style rubber variant that has been produced by Tru:Tek over at Man-E-Toys, and a resin version from Lee over at Bigmantoys for the art toy purists.

Critters Wave 2 3

These will go on sale this Friday, August 24th 2012, at 9:00PM London Time (4:00PM ET). The rubber edition will be available through the Man-E-Toys store for $15.00 each (blind-bagged neons and flesh tone options available), while the resins will be available over at the Bigmantoys store (and October Toys forum) for $13.00 each (various color choices available).

Critters Wave 2 2

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