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Last Thursday, a very unique art show opened in San Francisco. Taking a cue from the DIY toy world, S.F. fashion boutique Five and Diamond curated a DIY group art show using a leather flight helmet as the platform. They asked 30 artists from all walks of life to create their version of a Headdress. The show featured live models wearing the actual art pieces around and demonstrating their functionality.

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Toy Customizer Mikie Graham was one of the lucky artists invited to the show. Mikie says this of his entry: "Being the only toy artist involved I decided that I needed to represent my passion and go with the toy motif for my headdress, a custom toy amalgamation that I am calling the "Head Hunter."

Mikie's piece features dozens of customized skulls and accessories from over 20 different vinyl toys - Dunnys to Qees to a Zlik.

Mikie Graham Headdress 2

Head Hunter by the numbers:

44 Total hand sewn tassels
34 Total skulls
29 Black tassels
23 Figures destroyed to make this custom
16 Mini skull beads
15 Dusty rose tassels
14 Points of articulation
13 Dunny skulls
7 Synthetic "dreads"
5 Munny world accessories
4 Benzi legs (Scary Girl)
3 Qee arms
2 Golden wish bones
1 insane wearable custom!

Mikie's headdress along with 30+ others are now available for sale on Five and Diamond's website.

Mikie Graham Headdress 4

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