MadKnits has taken to Kickstarter with the goal of publishing their first comic book. Of course, you can check out some of the details at the Kickstarter page or via the above video. But a few of the funding rewards that might interest toy collectors are an exclusive plush named Orin ($50 level), a new Zeb resin ($25 level), as well as copies of the comics and sticker packs.

The monsters of MadKnits have crashed their spaceship into the North Pole and are unable to make the repairs nessissary to get off of the planet. They hatched a plan to spread to all four corners of the Earth to learn all they can about the world and to gather the knowledge and technology they need to fix their ship. They have expertly blended into the world around us, taking on jobs and hiding in the wild. They've only now decided to share their existence with humans and bring their story to the world.

MadKnits Orin

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