Mimobot Cobra Commander

Mimoco has announced that they've released two new Transformers MIMOBOTs and a G.I. Joe line of designer USB flash drives. The collection includes retro designs of popular G.I. Joe characters in MIMOBOT's stylized appearance, including Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow. The two new Transformers are Bumblebee and Starscream.

Mimobot SnakeEyes Mimobot StormShadow

Each MIMOBOT USB flash drive ranges in size up to 64GB in capacity. They all come preloaded with bonus media. The G.I. Joe MIMOBOTs include content like digital issues of the 1980's comic books, episodes of the original animated series, classic G.I. Joe PSA's, and G.I. Joe screensavers, avatars, and wallpapers. The Transformers MIMOBOT Series 2 also includes Mimory & mimoDesk content.

The MIMOBOTs range in price from $19.99 to $69.99.

Mimobot Bumblebee Mimobot Starscream

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