Dory Bravery 3 Dory Bravery 2 Dory Bravery 1

DoryPhunk (Daniel Yu) has revealed photos of a pair of customs he recently completed as commission pieces.

bra(v)ery is a customized threeA bambaboss figure featuring sculpted elements (his luscious locks, among other hairy bits, and weaponry/holsters) and a complete paint over. Also, there are several not so subtle V for Vendetta references, hence the title.

Crawdad Kid Rough Tumble 1 Crawdad Kid Rough Tumble 2

The Crawdad Kid - Rough & Tumble utilizes a crawdad kid from the Outlandish Mini Figure Guys (OMFG!) series. The figure was modified with epoxy putty and painted with acrylics.

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