Baseman Kostopol Warrior

Gary Baseman and The Loyal Subjects have released the Buckingham Warrior - Kostopol Edition.

The Buckingham Warrior is an extension of the very DNA which comprises Gary Baseman. The allegoric and somewhat fabled character is inspired from the real world deeds of his father, Ben Baseman - a local resistance fighter in WWII, thwarting back pockets of Nazi storm troopers. Kostopol is the name of the town in what was Poland, now the Ukraine, where Baseman's mother was born. She, along with very few others from Kostopol survived the horrors of the Nazi occupancy.

Gary Baseman has created the Buckingham Warrior in celebration of the souls who survived and those who fought for inherent truths and moral certitude. A true hero for the ages!

The Kostopol edition is limited to a run of only 250 pieces running $120.00 each.

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